Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Harvest Continues....

I'm getting spoiled with all this rain! My garden is doing better than ever before! And I'm doing.... nothing... at... all... (except tie up tomato plants that are taller than I am, direct vigorous squash/cucumber/melon vines back into our yard, pull up weeds that are growing overnight, etc. etc. etc.).

As of today, I officially recant all of my complaining, frustrated lambastes of organic gardening, embittered diatribes against cutworms and the like. Instead, I've been fully restored to the joys of having garden produce on my back doorstep!

I harvested another bumper crop of basil leaves today (I'm getting 3-4 cups weekly now), a cucumber (3 more footlongs on the way this week), some orange cherry tomatoes (looks like a few quarts will be ripening up this week), some romas, some all-purpose tomatoes, some onions, and enough green and wax beans to feed my family for two meals (those are going into the freezer). My pepper plants have little babies (they never produced at all last year), my winter squash plants have babies, and there is a watermelon volunteer in the compost heap. To add to the contentment, my middle child (W) asked eagerly for a "cum-cum" as soon as we walked in the door to the kitchen (he LOVES cucumbers). Aaahhh.... maybe this post will remind me next spring why I'm digging in the dirt and muttering and wondering if this is all worth it.