Monday, February 16, 2009

Herb Seeds Begun--February 16

Well, I planted most of my herb seeds today! According to a new site I discovered, dill doesn't transplant well, so I didn't start that today. I'm also waiting to start my basil from info I wrote down (can't remember from where!): it said start basil 2-3 weeks before FFD. So, here's the line-up in my Jiffy tray: parsley (2 rows of 6), cilantro (1 row of 6), chives (1 row of 6), thyme (1 row of 6), lavender (1 row of 6), savory (2 rows of 6), sage (1 row of 6), marjoram (2 rows of 6), and peppermint (1 row of ?? super tiny seeds, so not quite sure). I did 2-3 seeds per Jiffy pot. 

Most will go in the garden--both to eat and to help be good companion plants. I'm thinking of using the excess as plants elsewhere in the backyard--especially along back fence. If all grow well, I'll have excess marjoram, lavender, and thyme. The others will be interplanted with beans and tomatoes mostly. These will be ideal plants for our backyard: they aren't poisonous to kids, have pretty flowers, and can always be eaten! So, I've officially begun my gardening adventure this year and gotten my fingers dirty. Anyone else planted anything yet?

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  1. SIGH I haven't planted yet...still moving from Rockwood! mabye next weekend!