Sunday, February 22, 2009


I always feel a wee bit like a new parent again when my seeds sprout or my plants produce their first fruit. And, we have lots of little sprouts! When I get a chance, I'll post a picture. I'm not exactly sure what's sprouting--there are some in both trays. I'm pretty sure some parsley has sprouted and some peppers (it's going to be a challenge to keep these peppers going until they can be put in the ground!!!). So, let's see... that means the peppers (I think) sprouted in less than a week. Same for about half the herbs. No tomatoes, greens, cabbages, etc. yet. Speaking of cabbages, we haven't actually gotten our regular ol' green cabbage seeds yet. Better hurry!

Next project for me: getting that garden ready so I can plant cold weather stuff! We have a bit of work to do (compost, digging, bean/pea teepees...). Thanks, Katie, for the tip about letting peas climb up branches! 

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