Monday, March 9, 2009

Nature's Best Organics

Katie and I've been discussing this possible compost source for our gardens (while our own compost piles are working hard to get ready). It turns out that they sell their products to local retailers, so I'm including a link below if you're interested in trying out their products (I think this is what I'm going to do, partly because Hall Nursery (in Halls) is just up the road from us). Shamrock Organics (which I've had a hard time finding info on) and Natural Resources Recovery (which produces Nature's Best) are the two sites that kept coming up as good sources for Knoxville folk. It appears they're a step up in quality from Lowe's. Hines Fine Soil was mentioned, but most seemed not to like this place much. I don't know what the pricing is like--I may be in sticker shock after I call the nursery and hope that my bare dirt can suffice!

Anyone else have any thoughts in this area? I'm going to try to get some pea seeds in the ground. Can we put broccoli and the greens in the ground yet? I have some broccoli seedlings which I'm pretty excited about. I also have parsley coming up like crazy, some greens, and some tomato seedlings (all in our basement).

Gotta run! Hoping to take advantage of today's GORGEOUS weather.

Our snow peas came in the mail this weekend--I forgot to bring them to church, but if you want them before next week I can get them to you!


  1. I talked to the Shamrock people and they sell compost for $8.50 a cubic yard. They'll scoop it onto a truck bed or a trailer. I have access to a trailer...don't know if we can schedule a day to deliver to you all or not.... I haven't heard from the Halls Nursery people yet and don't really know how far a cubic yard will go. I'm thinking that's a better price than the little bags at Lowe's...

  2. 1 cubic foot will cover an area that is 7.4 feet by 7.4 feet and 6 inches deep...

    Check out Hines Fine Soils for a calculator of how much you would need to purchase for the area that you are wanting to cover. You'll want to either know the total area and depth or the length/width/depth that you want to cover.

  3. Oops - I meant to say Cubic Yard - not foot! LOL!!

  4. Organic Gardening Magazine this month has a similar calculator (Katie--still getting that? It's my last issue). Anyway, Halls Nursery sells Nature's Best for $20 a cubic yard. Shamrock sells their compost for $8.50 a cubic yard!!! Guess which one I'm going to go with. Both depend on you have a truck/trailer to come get it. Lowe's has bags of Organic Valley organic compost/manure for $1.42 or something like that. More expensive if you're needing quite a bit, but might work in a pinch. According to the calculators, I'll need 2-3 yards (that's a lot of work!). I might not go with that much since I amended half the garden last year with a good 6-inch layer from our own compost pile. So much to do, so little time...