Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More thinking - on bugs

(I'll edit as I come across more info and have more time)

Ants - cornmeal works good at getting rid of them. It's safe for kids and pets too. Sprinkle liberally around the nest if you know where it is - or around problem areas. I've heard that tansy works well too (planting around your garden or sprigs placed in cabinets), but I think it may be poisonous - so if you have little ones or pets you'll want to do a bit more research on that before using or growing tansy. I think it's also invasive, so if you do plant it - probably best to do in pots.

Cutworms - are these a problem in TN? I read that you can put little sticks (like toothpicks or twigs) around your seedlings. I got to thinking - why not toilet paper tubes that are trimmed down? Certainly not in short supply around here, and likely to break down with relative ease.

Nematodes - I've heard that planting marigolds and nasturtiums help with these little buggers. Especially around your tomatoes.

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