Friday, March 13, 2009

Seeds Have Sprouted!

Just a note to say that ALL my herbs have some sort of sprouted representation. I'm still waiting on some peppermint seeds, but in general, at least a few of all the herbs (haven't started basil yet) have come up--even the "old" seeds. So, that should encourage everyone.

Also, I have sprouts for all cool weather crops (save cabbage) and peppers and tomatoes. I'm going to transplant them into bigger containers (the peppers and tomatoes) and harden off the cool weather stuff so I can plant it in the garden soon! (Of course, I still have to get that garden ready!!)

Don't forget, Katie and Alicia, about the seed chart I emailed you out weeks ago--it has timing, companion planting, and other info on it in brief. It might help if you're trying to figure out how to fit this massive, over-zealous garden of ours into a smaller space..... I just figured out how to link it in the side bar--so the charts are in the Gardening Resources!

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