Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nifty discoveries!

So... I was wandering about my yard and happened to look up into the brambles. There were what appeared to be lilacs pretty high above me, and I got excited. After examining them, however, I think that it may be a Wisteria vine! It's beautiful. The neat thing is that I cut some of the blooms and a few of the shoots to try rooting - and after doing some research, it appears that they tend to root easily and it's one of the best ways to grow Wisteria!

I also found, as I was dumping my compost, that we have a bunch of Japanese Honeysuckle back in thicket. It smells great and is gorgeous! Both of these appear to be bee attractors and from what I read they attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Now I have to figure out where I want to move some of this to in the yard! I definitely would like to have some in a spot that is a little easier to enjoy!

It was such a beautiful day! I managed to dig out a bit more around the annoying tree stump in the back garden - but didn't have much time to really work it out. There's a section that appears to have been a garden at some point in the back (or side??) yard and behind the camper in our driveway, so I am going to dig those up in the next few days. I'm still sore about never getting some reasonably priced dirt for where I really wanted my garden - but I think I'll manage without it.


  1. We'd love some wisteria if you're sharing! Ethan loves that stuff and it grows well in Ftn City (if our neighbors' yards are any indication). I'll be dividing daffodils next month, so start planning where you want those :). We're eating lunch outside today and will be spending some time out this afternoon (except for the cleaning I'm doing and birthday cupcake making--boys' b'day is tomorrow!!)

  2. I'm going to be taking a bunch of cuttings later today. I've read that they root pretty well. :) I can't wait!!