Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some Garden Photos

I enjoyed seeing Sara's garden a bit over the weekend, so I thought I'd post some pics of our (struggling) crops. You'll have to drive by on the Dogwood Trail to get the full impact of the azaleas coming out and the few dogwoods that survived the previous years' droughts. But the azaleas are electric!!

First, we have a nice, flourishing row of snow peas. They're doing the best and coming up nicely. I'm even going to have to thin them out, I believe. Struggling to grow just in front of them is some bok choy--hardly even worth a picture.

Next, I have a nice small amount of mustard greens growing. The few plants are finally doing quite well... no thanks to the rabbit I saw fleeing down my street last night.

Third is my row of sugar snap peas--not doing as well as the snow peas, but finally making a brave appearance.

I've put my tomatoes and peppers out to harden off this week, so here's a shot of a few of them. I'm pretty proud of them, but I was also proud of my bok choy, broccoli, and napa cabbage seedlings before they got munched on in the garden.

I'm including a small shot of some oregano in my herb garden--anyone need some? How about lemon marjoram (nice yellow/chartreuse color, no noticeable flavor difference)? My parsley is coming back from last year, too. And, if you can root rosemary, then bring your shears over because I have a nice, big specimen. Come to think of it, this might be marjoram in the picture--they look so similar at this point in the year and the genius that planted them (me) put them right next to each other....

This brings us to some hostas I transplanted from my back yard into my front (the flowers are primroses--can't take any credit for those). I'm including some ornamentals here to cheer myself up--not all my plants become lunch for the local wildlife.

And, finally, some black-eyed Susans from a neighbor's yard that are also doing nicely. I'm going to give her some of my maidenhair ferns--you can just seem their new leaves in the front left of the black-eyed Susan picture.

Now, it's your turn! I want to see what everyone else's garden looks like! And, I should offer full disclosure here: my garden looks WAY more impressive from a few close up shots of the plants that are doing well than the overall first impression of weeds, grass that needs cutting, and chewed off leaves of vegetable plants.....

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