Saturday, April 18, 2009

No mow lawns

So, I've been reading this book called the "Gin and Tonic Gardner" - which basically takes a very (often VERY) relaxed view of gardening. The lady who wrote it likes to use plants that aren't fussy and can survive some neglect. The book itself is not as detailed as I was hoping/expecting, and there are some personal comments and remarks mixed in that I find somewhat annoying (she was newly divorced at the time of the writing and often refers to certain plants - like a rose bush she bought - as a "fussy man" who needs too much attention and care). She is very into recycling and re-using all kinds of things for her garden (like an old bathtub sunk into the ground as a planter.)

So... aside from the personal diary style, a comment that she made about her yard was that she was considering taking the sod up and planting ground covers so that she doesn't have to mow. Now, I don't mind mowing - BUT the idea of ground covers and no need to mow a lawn is very intriguing. Besides, who wouldn't rather spend the time with the kids instead of pushing the mower?? :)

Basically, I'm day dreaming for the future. When we get our final house, I've got plans... oh yeah - I've got plans!

My must haves: creeping buttercup, crested iris, lamium, Epimedium, wild ginger, soapwort, cotula, sedum, and snow-in-summer (the only kind of snow I like.)

I found a neat article here about 28 different ground covers. Enjoy!

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  1. Nice article link--I've grown several of those ground choice or default...and enjoyed some more than others. But all of the ones I've grown on that list are maintenance free (unless you need to dig them up/pull them up because they're TAKING OVER). Speaking of taking over, anyone need any lily of the valley? We could dig up some vinca plugs, English ivy, St. John's wort, and numerous other specimens as well. All need some shade.